Grammar Group

Grammar Group (coordinated by the Lead Investigators)

Adrian Kelly is Tutorial Fellow in Ancient Greek Literature at Balliol.
Richard Gombrich is Emeritus Boden Professor of Sanskrit at Balliol.
Maria Donapetry is Lecturer in Spanish at Balliol.
Sandra Paoli is Research Fellow in Romance Linguistics at Balliol.
Louise Esher is writing a DPhil thesis at Balliol on the Occitan “future” and “conditional”.
Amyas Merivale read Mathematics & Philosophy at Balliol (2000–04) and returned to take the BPhil in Philosophy (2005–08) before embarking on a PhD on Hume at Leeds.
Thomas Munby read Classics at Balliol (1999–2003) and was called to the Bar in 2006.
Sanjukta Gupta, a scholar of Sanskrit, is Fellow of the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies.