We are assembling a small library for the convenience of the research team. If you would like to recommend any additions to our list, whether to buy or just to read, please do.


First, two books which, alas, must remain dreams. The first costs £200 and the second £100. They are available on loan from the Taylorean.

Östen Dahl (ed.), “Tense and Aspect in the Languages of Europe” (2000) (ISBN 3110157527)

Jacques Moeschler & Louis de Saussure (eds.), “Recent Advances in the Syntax and Semantics of Tense, Aspect and Modality” (2007) (ISBN 3110195259)

Theory and History

Ian Michael, “English Grammatical Categories and the Tradition to 1800″ (1970) (ISBN 0521143268)

Suzanne Fleischman, “The Future in Thought and Language: Diachronic Evidence from Romance” (1982) (ISBN 0521105706)

Colin Masica, “The Indo-Aryan Languages” (1991) (ISBN 0521105706)

George Cardona & Danesh Jain (eds.), “The Indo-Aryan Languages” (2003) (ISBN 041577294X)

Theodore Markopoulos, “The Future in Greek: From Ancient to Medieval” (2009) (ISBN 0199539855)


T.W. Rhys Davids & William Stede, The Pali-English Dictionary, (1931-35)


Paul Larreya & Claude Rivière, “Grammaire explicative de l’anglais” (2010) (ISBN 2744074748)